Filled with a passion for the ocean, a group of engineers in AI and robotics founded Marine Thinking Inc. in 2018 and set off on their innovation journey in the picturesque Atlantic Canada. Thanks to the support of Volta, Envision Saint John, and COVE, Marine Thinking Inc. has grown from a tiny basement lab into a young, vigorous, and imaginative marine technology company. We strive to offer next-generation intelligent solutions for the marine industry and are developing environmental protection upgrades with cutting-edge USV and robotics technologies.

Marine Thinking Inc. has won over a number of heavyweight clients within the Atlantic provinces. We also have accomplishments in certain key subjects and are developing R&D projects concerning intelligent robotic underwater detection and USV technologies from NRC (National Research Council Canada) and DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), thus being granted relevant licences by the Federal Government. By virtue of distinct thinking and diligent work, and together with our respectable clients and partners, Marine Thinkers yearn to ascend to the next horizon.