Battery Power Cable Set
Battery Power Cable Set
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Battery Power Cable Set

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Product Description

This is the power cable set on the BlueROV2 that connects the battery enclosure to the main electronics enclosure. It has preinstalled WetLink Penetrators and 5.5 mm bullet connectors.

These cables use the same three-conductor cable as our thrusters and the 6.5mm version of the WetLink Penetrator that work with that cable. With three 16 AWG conductors for both positive and negative, this is equivalent to a single 11 AWG wire, providing ample copper for efficient power transmission. The cables include red and black heat-shrink to indicate polarity when installed.

This cable can be used as a replacement on your BlueROV2 and it’s a great option if you’re building an ROV from scratch as well!


  • 1 x Positive Power Cable
  • 1 x Negative Power Cable
  • 1 x Battery Plug
  • 4 x O-rings
  • 4 x Penetrator nuts

Technical Details

Parameter Value
Cable Construction CAB-PUR-3-16AWG-R2
Bullet Connectors 5.5 mm Bullet
Included Adapter 5.5 mm bullets to XT90
Overall Length 489 +- 35 mm 19.3 in +- 1.4 in
Length Between Penetrators 258 +- 15 mm 10.2 in +- 0.6 in
In Air Assembly Weight (cable pair) 13.2 g 0.47 oz
Performance Characteristics
Depth Rating 950 m 3116 ft
Design Lifetime¹ 3 years or 500 cycles to rated depth
Temperature Rating (air)² -25 to 60°C -13 to 140°F
Temperature Rating (water)² -4 to 40°C 32 to 104°F
In Water Maximum Continuous Current³ 80A
Recommended Bulkhead Wrench WL-M10-BULKHEAD-WRENCH
Torque Specifications
Bulkhead-Endcap or Nut-Bulkhead 3.5 nm