Pressure Relief Valve - Marine Thinking
Pressure Relief Valve - Marine Thinking
Pressure Relief Valve - Marine Thinking
Pressure Relief Valve - Marine Thinking

Pressure Relief Valve

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The Pressure Relief Valve is an important safety mechanism for our locking watertight enclosures and also adds a few features to the enclosures.

Why is it needed for safety? Our watertight enclosures have come with a manual vent that has worked great for years. But, our next generation watertight enclosures have a locking cord that secures the flange to the tube and prevents the end cap from coming off.

In the rare situation that an excessive amount of pressure builds up in the tube it can create an unsafe situation and/or damage to the enclosure. Pressure build-up could be due to the buildup of gasses from a chemical reaction like something catching on fire, or from a slow leak into the enclosure while at depth followed by a quick return to the surface. The PRV automatically releases any excess pressure built up inside a watertight enclosure. It works automatically to relieve pressure, and it also works manually, like our original vent.


  • 1 x Pressure Relief Valve Assembly (PRV Plug and Bulkhead)
  • 1 x M10 Nut
  • 1 x O-ring for Bulkhead


Parameter Value
Maximum Rated Depth (seawater) 950 m 3116 ft
Design Lifetime¹ 3 years or 500 cycles to rated depth
Temperature Rating (air) -25 to 60°C -13 to 140°F
Temperature Rating (water) 0 to 40°C 32 to 104°F
Pressure Release Rating 0.8 ± 0.2 bar 12 ± 3 psi
Mean Flow Rate 110 slpm @ 1.2 bar 3.9 cfm @ 18 psi
Compatible Bulkhead Wrench WL-M10-BULKHEAD-WRENCH
Recommended Installation Torque 3.5 N⋅m
Recommended Through Hole Diameter 10.2 mm
Bulkhead Thread M10 x 1.5
Bulkhead Thread Length 20 mm
Bulkhead/Nut Wrench Flats 16 mm
Overall Assembled Height From Endcap 29.5 mm
Overall Outer Diameter 18 mm
Bulkhead O-ring Size AS568-013 Buna-N 70A
Plug O-ring Size 1.5 x 11.5 mm Buna-N 70A
Bulkhead/ Plug Material 7075-T6 Anodized Aluminum
Wetted Materials Buna-N Rubber
Molykote 111 Compound
7075-T6 Anodized Aluminum
In Air Weight (No Nut) 16 g
In Water Weight (No Nut) 9.8 g

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